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Account Type Mini Account Standard Account High level Account Vip Account
Account open requirement 100USD
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Account and Currency USD USD USD USD
Minimum lots per trade Metal:0.01Lots
Maximun lots per trade Metal:1Lots
Maximum Position Metal:3Lots
Initial Margin Metal: 0.5%
FX: 0.5%
Metal: 1%
FX: 1%
Metal: 2%
FX: 1%
Metal: 2%
FX: 1%
Maintenance Margin Metal: 0.5%
FX: 0.5%
Metal: 1%
FX: 0.5%
Metal: 1%
FX: 0.5%
Metal: 1%
FX: 0.5%
Cut-off Margin Metal: 0.0%
FX: 0.0%
Metal: 0.1%
FX: 0.1%
Metal: 0.2%
FX: 0.1%
Metal: 0.2%
FX: 0.1%
Priority online Customer Support
Telephone Instant Position Closing

When do you need to contact the dealing room?

GFA Capital Markets LTD encourage all customers to take the initiative to contact the dealing room if following happens:

Can not use the computer or connect to the Internet

Online orders did not receive a confirmation

Internet disconnected or can not connect to GFA Capital Markets LTD' server

Any contents of the query is not related to the above situation, please contact GFA Capital Markets LTD 24-hour online customer service, they will be ready to assist you in resolving any questions about GFA Capital Markets LTD services.

If transaction error was found how should deal with?

If you think that the trading error, please contact GFA Capital Markets LTD customer service immediately , and make sure that you have ready all the transaction information, including the number of trading order, transaction time and problem details. The GFA Capital Markets LTD will review the transaction, and if needed to be adjusted as soon as possible.


GFA Capital Markets LTD' advanced encryption trading systems, user login authentication protocols, and firewall protection, authentication and security to ensure that every transaction and customer records. GFA Capital Markets LTD equipped with back-up systems and contingency plans to minimize the possibility of problems. If the the GFA Capital Markets LTD inquiry server problems, all open trades, stop and transaction records are stored in the backup system.

Phone instant closing transaction rules

To traders: When calling the trading room, the transaction is limited to the place orders of stop / limit or instant positions closing. The trading room can not place any new positions to the market price of trading order.

If the clients want to trade by telephone, please see the following reference procedure:

Trader/Client : When calling the dealing room, at the beginning the trader must indicate their trading account types.

Dealing clerk: What is the your trading account type?

Trader/Client: My account trading number is 0123456789

Dealing clerk: What the your phone trading password?

Trader/Client: My phone trading password is 01234

Please set up your phone trading password before you start your phone trading in the trading platform, we were not able to deal with your order if your phone trading password had not been set up.

Trader: I want to bid one USD/JPY.

Dealing Clerk: Your order had been placed at the price of 93.255.

Note: The use of telephone transactions, role of GFA Capital Markets LTD' staff just as the valet execution dealer, and not as a dealer to give customers quotes. When you express the order request, GFA Capital Markets LTD staff will inform you the status of the transaction and confirm the price.

ASIC intervention Order 20-254MR

Pursuant to ASIC’s intervention order dated 23 October 2020, from 29 March 2021, GFA as a licensee is limited and restricted to offer CFD leverage to a maximum ratio of:

*30:1 for CFDs referencing an exchange rate for a major currency pair

*20:1 for CFDs referencing an exchange rate for a minor currency pair, gold or a major stock market index

*10:1 for CFDs referencing a commodity (other than gold) or a minor stock market index

*2:1 for CFDs referencing crypto-assets

*5:1 for CFDs referencing shares or other assets

The above restriction shall stand until such time ASIC revokes the intervention order.

For clarity, the definitions used above are to be read as:

major currency pair means any two of the Australian dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Swiss franc and US dollar;
a minor currency pair is any currency pair that is not a major currency pair;
major stock market indices are the CAC 40, DAX, Dow Jones Industrial Average, EURO STOXX 50 Index, FTSE 100, NASDAQ-100 Index, NASDAQ Composite Index, Nikkei Stock Average, S&P 500 and S&P/ASX 200;
a minor stock market index is any stock market index that is not a major stock market index.

Before your open an trading account or trading please read the following documents

Risk Warning

Financial Service Guide

Privacy Policy

Product Disclosure Statement

Terms & Conditions


Finish the online application form start by clicking the button.

Email confirmation.

After email confirmation, GFA Capital Markets LTD registration system will reply you with the login password to login to the GFA Capital Markets LTD Client Center.

Please login and change your password in the GFA Capital Markets LTD Client Center and upload the documents for authentication.

GFA Capital Markets LTD will reply you the trading account and password for the trading platform after the authentication success. Please transfer your initial deposit within 10 working days after the trading account was activated.

The deposit confirmation Login trading systems.

Account type and document

Personal account

Copy of the photo ID or Passport.

Copy of proof of your address.(Such as bank statement, utility bills within three months period).

Joint account

Copy of the photo ID or Passport for all the account members.

Copy of proof of your address for all the account members.(Such as bank statement, utility bills within three months period)

Corporate account

Copy of company certificate.

Copy of company address proof.

Copy of address proof of all the directors.

Copy of the photo ID or Passport for all the directors.

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